U-Lucky Dawg is an excellent choice for your next event! We bring the excitement of America’s favorite food (hot dogs), along with several gourmet and regional varieties. Our “kid-appeal” and family friendly pricing make us an excellent choice for any occasion.

Let us customize our services for your next event! Since every event is different, we will work with you to decide which set-up and menu is right for your event.

We do events all over the region and have become very popular, and in high demand. We do a ton of car shows, festivals, auctions, concerts, food truck, open houses, private events, etc. In addition to serving up the finest angus beef hot dogs, we also offer many regional varieties, such as; Chicago style, Southern slaw dawgs, Memphis BBQ dawgs, Rueben Dawgs, Bacon-wrapped dawgs and more. We even offer a Veggie Dawg, that is delicious by itself, or can be used to make any of our “Specialty” dawgs.


Set up on a 10’x25′ footprint our truck (named “FRANK”) is designed to be “eye-popping” and attractive. He’s also got a few tricks up his fenders. With 14′ “HOT DOG” flags rising from the top and some really cool whistles and bells. Did we mention that he blows bubbles too? We are able to serve approx 100-120 customers per hour. This set up is perfect for large fairs, street festivals, concerts, and any event that has a large turnout with lots of foot traffic and hungry event-goers. Additionally, we are completely self contained, and don’t require any water or electric hook-ups. We bring our own trash cans, police our area, and even haul away our own trash.

Here are some basic guidelines to consider when booking U-LUCKY DAWG for your event.

The ideal number of attendees for our truck is between 200 and 300 if everyone is expected to eat. With less than 200, it’s difficult for us to make money. If it’s not an “eating” event, then we ask that those numbers be higher to increase our profitability. In some cases, where the expected attendance is low, we may ask for a guaranteed minimum.

Often, we have to prepare food days in advance.  If attendance is higher than anticipated, we run the risk of selling out well before the end of the event. Customers will go home unhappy and we haven’t capitalized on all possible sales.  Conversely, if numbers are considerably lower than expected, we run the risk of throwing food away.  If you can provide updated estimates of attendance about a week ahead of time, it will help us prepare appropriately.       

LOAD IN TIMES:  Please keep in mind how load-in times impact our business.  We pay our employees from the time of load in.  Ideally, we would like to be in position 1 hour prior to the start of the event.  If there will be any inspections that day (Fire Dept., Health Dept., Zoning, plumbing, etc.) then we request to be in place 2 hours prior to the event.  Please communicate load in times at the time of booking us, or as soon as that information is available. Trucks need to schedule employees’ hours 1-2 weeks in advance.  Without knowing the load-in times, it makes scheduling very difficult.

The most successful events are very well organized with predetermined set up locations, and knowledgeable staff or volunteers ready to assist. Being able to arrive onsite, and immediately be given our set-up location is critical to us. If we are spending time waiting while someone has to track down somebody else to give us our location, chances are we will not be ready to serve on time. Please keep this in mind

U-LUCKY DAWG is a very smart option for promotional events! We bring the grill, and the excitement and America’s favorite food (Hot Dogs) to your event. Whether it’s a radio promo, Grand Opening, car lot promotion, or employee appreciation, your guests will think that you are the GREATEST by tantalizing their taste buds. The best part is that you decide the menu! We can please the budget-minded by serving hot dogs and bottled water, or you can treat your guests to our full blown menu with all of the fixin’s and trimmings. Nothing says “We appreciate you!” like a delicious free meal.

  • Promotional packages start at just $4.00 per person. (Minimums apply)

    Email us for more information. Please include dates, location and type of event.


We are proud to support the local economy, and everything we use is sourced and purchased locally. We use only 100% Angus beef hot dogs, and all of our sausages (Brats, Metts, and Italian sausage) are our own brand, hand-made from age-old family recipes. It’s those same old world recipes that have made them Cincinnati’s best. And, we only use fresh Klosterman buns, and Grippo’s Potato Chips.

  • We hold current State Health permits and Foodservice licenses in Ohio & Kentucky.
  • $2,000,000.00 of general business insurance with an additional $1,00CFTA_logo0,000.00 of food liability.
  • We bring our own trash cans, and police our area.
  • We try to be as “Green” as possible. All of our paper products are made from recycled materials. We use a very clean burning fuel for our grills, and recycle all of our soda cans.
  • We are a member in good standing of the Cincinnati Food Truck Association.