Welcome to the latest in mobile food innovations! To call us another hot dog stand, would be like saying Niagra Falls is just another waterfall. We are a full-service mobile restaurant, specializing in quality gourmet hot dogs and premium local sausages.

Although we have gained notoriety by serving up the finest “ALL BEEF” hot dogs and premium sausages, we specialize in serving authentic regional favorites from around the world.

Some of our best sellers are our “Chicago Dawg”, “Memphis Dawg”, “Southern Slaw Dawg”, and our “Reuben Dawg” just to name a few.Truck night





The business started out in 2012 by the original owner purchasing a hot dog cart, and setting up at the Village Quick Lube in Newtown, Ohio to serve lunch every day. His goal was to serve some gourmet dogs, with the focus being on serving premium sausages. He stayed in that location for about 3 years, serving up lunch every day, to a very large following.


By mid-summer of 2015 he was so busy with lunch service in Newtown, and a high demand for catering, special events and office lunches, that in June 2015, he was forced to stop going to Newtown everyday.


In late 2015 he purchased a disability bus from a transit company in Northern Ohio. This was to be a winter project to turn it into a food truck. After several buckets of sweat, lots of cuts and bruises, and a couple of trips to the emergency room, he finally introduced our new truck, “FRANK” in the Spring of 2016.

When he first started out, he insisted on only serving the best available, and would get the meat directly from a family sausage company in Wisconsin called “Usingers”. He used Usinger’s Sausage for our entire first year. Eventually, It got to be difficult getting our shipments, especially in the summer months. Over the next few years, he would get his sausages locally from various butchers. Always looking for the best available local sausages.dogs1Dogs4




Kylie said… “Eating your Memphis dog was a life changing experience for me!!!”

Carly Jo Mellenkamp said…Super good! Just tried a Chicago Dawg at the Newtown Winterfest.  Nom Nom Nom!!! two thumbs up!!”

Katie Ferrall said… “Best hot dog I have ever had. 1 millions stars if I could give it.”

Holly Nally said… “Delicious! They came to a private event I hosted & everyone was impressed. Great to work with & high quality product. Looking forward to having them back again!”

Donna Pisciotta said… “Memphis Dawg… GET IN MY BELLY!!!”

Charlie from Cheviot, Oh – “Your Reuben Dawg is out of this world! If I had 4 thumbs, I would give it 4 thumbs up!”

Jennifer from Batavia, Oh – “Thanks for grilling at my birthday party. Everybody raved about the food. It’s absolutely amazing what you can do with a hot dog. You literally turn them into delicious works of art!”

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